About us

Precision engineering industry

Nuova Trasmissione was founded in 1981 as a sales company for industrial transmissions and bearings. In the first few years, it was clear that the market demanded a technical and commercial approach, since the simplest components were evolving towards more complex, new-generation applications, which meant that the customer no longer demanded a standard part, but one machined to drawing, ready for assembly. Many suppliers had equipped themselves to supply us with materials already machined to drawing, others, not realising the evolution of the market, did not want to offer us this service. Hence the step, anything but short and unhindered, of organising ourselves to modify the standard, and then to produce toothed belt drives to drawing.

In 1990 we moved to our new premises in Susegana, and added a small machine tool department to our commercial activity.

The real turning point was from 1993 to 1994, with the purchase of the first Cnc lathes and focusing on production, transforming the company into an industry.

Nuova Trasmissione's financial resources were invested in machinery and equipment, production grew rapidly, and in 1997 we decided to exhibit at the biennial Power Transmission Exhibition in Hannover, the most important world exhibition in the sector. This allowed us to make a name for ourselves in Europe and to grow in the production of customised timing pulleys. The stock of standard products became important and complete in its range, offering customers what they wanted.

Another turning point came after 2001, due to the well-known terrorist events, and the growth of the euro against the dollar, it became difficult for Nuova Trasmissione to compete with standard articles completely manufactured by the company. We decided to import most of the standard products from the Asian markets, dedicating our production capacity instead to custom-made pulleys and the whole aluminium range, and to start building custom-made gears as well. At the same time we decided to purchase new CNC gear cutting machines and with them the whole way of producing pulleys and gears changed, using carbide tools even with dry steel machining and finishing, for example, "Skiving" the gears after heat treatment.

We went further, the continuous research led us to build the "Dentatornio", a machine born from an idea, then patented, with very high technology, which turns, cuts gears and mills screws in a single grip, directly from the steel bar, arriving at the finished piece according to design.

As the years went by, 2009 arrived, the year of the crisis, and here too, due to market requirements, we decided to invest even more in technology, purchasing in the following years, the latest generation of grinding machines, with worm wheels, evolution gauges, and screw grinding machines, to make precision gears and ground worm screws to aim at the top end of the product range.

Today we have a modern and technological fleet of machines, a complete processing cycle, from the raw material to the finished part, and the challenge of Industry 4.0, which began a few years ago, is in full swing, currently occupies an area of over 10,000 m2.

Our future is to be always technologically up-to-date in order to offer the highest possible quality.